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For some women, shopping is a fun experience and a preferred weekend activity. For other women shopping is a nightmare: "can't get the right jeans to go over my bum; why are all tops cropped these days; I'm too old to be shopping here; nothing fits me in this shop."

But it doesn't have to be - just take me along with you, or send me out on my own! Knowing the details of store sizes, where to find the best stretch fabric jeans, and knowing your likes and dislikes makes me a hell of a hound when sniffing out the perfect items.


As always, I will work towards your budget - whether it's £100 to spend on clothes or £1,000.

Although shopping is a fun experience for some, others can get lost and intimidated by the sheer volume and variety of styles during a shopping trip. During our Personal Shopping session, I will take you to shops that suit your lifestyle and budget, teach you what items to 'splurge' on and where to find the best quality bargain items.

I will source clothes that suit you body shape; can be worn in a number of different ways; and teach you how to accessorise your new purchases so you never get stuck for what to wear!

Usual session duration: 4 - 5 hours

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