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Wear a little piece of history - vintage clothing is not only chic, but very individual. I can guarantee no one will turn up in the same dress as you if you're wearing vintage! As a personal passion of mine, I love helping women understand vintage fashion and integrate pieces into their wardrobes for everyday wear. I work with local vintage stores and buyers who source the best quality vintage items which I bring to you - often I have pieces to purchase from the rail! Vintage fashion is very special - and I can help you bring that spark into your wardrobe.

If you want to integrate vintage into your wardrobe and understand what to look for, then this service is for you. We visit my favourite vintage stores around your area and source pieces which suit your style and body shape. 

We then integrate these pieces into your everyday wardrobe and I show you how to style vintage blouses with jeans, wear 70's dresses without looking like you're going to a fancy dress party, and pick accessories to make your outfits stand out in the crowd.

Usual session duration: 4 - 5 hours

£40 per hour

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