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My name is Lana & I'm the style director & owner of Dalry Rose Styling.


You don’t have to follow the latest fashions and religiously read Vogue to look stylish and feel amazing – it’s all about choosing clothes that suit your body shape, colours that work with your skin tone, and knowing how to accessorise right. Regardless of your body shape and size, you are beautiful and should feel confident in your skin and new outfits – and your confidence will shine through for the world to see!


Fashion has always been at the forefront of my interest – from a successful career in fashion retail and visual merchandising, I carried on to write and style for high street fashion brands as a fashion journalist and then a freelance style blogger. I soon decided that the hustle and bustle of London was not quite right for me, so I left the cocktails and 6inch heels behind to settle down in the Hampshire countryside.

I have always had friends and family comment on my style, and have even been asked to accompany acquaintances on shopping trips to help them with their wardrobe! So I took the leap and set up my own business as a personal stylist, doing something I absolutely love - helping women feel and look amazing.

I honestly believe that style doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag: whether your budget stretches to a shopping trip in Primark, or Prada, you can look and feel incredible in the right clothes. I started Dalry Rose Styling to help women of all ages and sizes look and feel amazing – I’m after that sparkle my clients get in their eyes when they see just how incredible they look in clothes that are right for them.

Personal Stylist in Hampshire, Personal stylist Southampton
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Previously working with high street shops like Marks & Spencer, Superdry, ASOS, Fat Face amongst many more, I helped them with new launches and styling every day outfits to suit real women – not catwalk and campaign models. For 7 years I have been running a successful fashion blog, and have covered events such as London Fashion Week and Clothes Show, and the more local Winchester Fashion Week, scoping out new trends and translating them into every day practical wear.

I have also appeared on BBC Radio Solent to talk about the latest celebrity trends, and do live shows helping real women with their styling and fashion dilemmas!

Looking great comes from feeling great - confidence starts with mindset.

I'm no strange to feeling insecure about my body, and hiding in baggy clothes. When my body changed, I gained weight, I grew stretch marks, gravity started taking my hold of my bum and breasts - I freaked out! My body started changing and I didn't know what to do because when I was younger I used to model and be a 'walking hanger' for clothes.


And trust me, it took me a while to understand that these changes are natural and beautiful in their own way, and I can still look amazing in clothes I love - I just had to adapt.

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Here are a few of my favourite things...


Coco Chanel Mademoiselle 






Dolce & Gabbana




Carrie Bradshaw + D&G ads

What They Say...


Jane, 37, Southampton

"I couldn't be bothered to shop around for jeans - so I never wore them. After a personal shopper session in Southampton with Lana, I have a modern wardrobe with plenty of jeans that make my bum look incredible!"


Harriet, 35, Reading

"I wanted a personal stylist in Hampshire who knew where to shop for bargains and designer outlet items. My goal was to look great on a budget - and we achieved it!"


Hannah, 28, Tidworth

"My husband is in the army and it's always stressful picking out a dress for the mess ball. I found the experience so much easier and a hell of a lot more pleasant by hiring Lana to find a dress that made me feel incredible! I felt like the belle of the ball."

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