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I'm a businesswoman, I love the hustle of a new venture and my career has always been my priority. I own three businesses which I started from the ground up, and keep growing every day. So I understand how important your journey is to you - and how difficult it can be sometimes, because a career never goes in a straight line!


But what you can rely on is for your blazer to be perfectly fitted, and your heels be the right kind of combination of kick ass and comfort!

Sometimes you need a little boost of confidence to secure that final pitch - you know your stuff, your presentation is on point, you can do it! To help you feel like you own the room, we work together to create your perfect work wardrobe by combining new pieces and what you already own. It may be a case of helping you put together outfits so your Monday morning doesn't start with the frustration of not knowing what to wear!

You may be a business owner and have your own brand with it's colours, fonts, guidelines... But do you reflect your brand style? If you want to be in line with your brand we take your brand guidelines and turn them into wearable outfits so you represent your brand at all times - and trust me, it works! You will get noticed at networking events and trade shows, as well as bringing consistency to your customers throughout their journey.

Usual session duration: 4 - 5 hours

Dalry Rose Styling Brand & Business Styl
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