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Your existing closet may hold some gems, but also needs detoxing once in a while, when clothes stop making you look and feel your absolute best. Our bodies go through changes during pregnancy, weight gain / loss, age, health changes - and our body shapes reflect that. Some clothes which fitted beautifully 5 years ago are now making you look frumpy, dull, and are hiding your beautiful and natural body shape. This isn't doing any good for your confidence either!

I've had clients who wear clothing 2 sizes bigger than their actual size and wonder why they look frumpy; I also had clients who wear items 2 sizes too small and wonder why they look bigger than they are. It's time to detox that wardrobe ladies, and bring some sparkle back into what you wear.

During our Wardrobe Re-style session, I will bring sample items to help you see examples of essential and statement pieces which may be missing from your wardrobe. I integrate new pieces into your existing clothes rail to show you how to revamp your wardrobe with minimum spend.

I will also bring accessories which can transform your look within minutes; jewellery to take you from day to night; and will advise on what hair/makeup looks work best for you and your style.

Sample items are available to purchase during the session.

Usual session duration: 3 - 4 hours

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