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Fashion Over 60

Fashion Over 60, Personal Stylist in Hampshire

As a personal stylist, I like to keep my finger on the pulse of what's happening in the fashion industry at all times - and I have noticed an emerging trend across the industry - women over 60 are hot right now. With everyone getting involved - from designers like Celine, to high street stores like American Apparel - mature women have taken the fashion industry by storm. And it's not just fashion - with luxury retirement apartments, well being classes in Battersea Park and beauty targeting the glamorous perennials it's a great time to embrace your 60s.

Yes, the women appearing in the glossy pages of Vogue are models - but there is nothing stopping the every day mature woman from looking incredible any day, any time. I have compiled my top tips for staying stylish after 60:

1. Embrace the grey: take tips from glamorous ladies like Meryl Streep (as Miranda Priestly) and let nature do its thing. Letting a cool grey shade take over can look better than trying to keep up the hard work with colouring your roots - if you don't have the time to commit to colour, you'll be instantly ageing your look with grey roots.

2. Switch black to navy: as a softer colour, it isn't as harsh on your look as black and is more flattering for the figure, and your skin.

3. Love classics: the Breton stripe, the ballet pump, the skinny stretch jeans. Don't be afraid to wear denim after the age of 60 - it looks great at any age. And guess what - a leather skirt is now consider a classic, so let's find the right shape for you and get it in your wardrobe!

4. Don't hide from fashion: I know too many women who think that over 60 fashion just doesn't exist - that's not true. Your age does not defy you or your fashion choices. If you love this seasons geometric colourful print - then go for it! Make sure you are dressing the most flattering for your shape - we can help with that.

5. If you've got it, flaunt it - with the confidence only a seasoned fashionista will have developed. Get inspired by Dame Helen Mirren and show off the goods you're got - and your best assets!

If you need a little help jump starting your wardrobe and look, contact us today for a consultation.

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